about us

iLENDi is the first social networking platform for home buyers and lenders. We advance home ownership by breaking traditional barriers to mortgage financing: lack of 1) trust, 2) convenience, 3) communication and 4) speed.

For homebuyers, finding a loan officer is as important as finding the right lawyer or therapist—you need to trust this person with one of the most important financial decisions of your life. We take this responsibility seriously.

Our dynamic, social commerce platform powered by our friendly AI supports both sides of the transaction: buyers and lenders. This translates to a win for all.

For homebuyers this means access to:

  • rated & reviewed lenders meeting your specific financing goals.
  • instant messaging for getting pressing questions answered in real time.
  • a cloud-based transactional hub for uploading & sharing your personal financial information securely.
  • the iLENDi community for recommendations for all things homeownership—from inspectors to insurance, to finding the right movers and little known neighborhood gems.

iLENDi never posts misleading interest rate information to reel in buyers with rates that aren’t real, nor does it compete with the lenders on its site for home buyers’ business. We operate in all 50 states and have no financial caps.

At iLENDi we are bringing convenience, service, transparency and social commerce together for a better borrowing and home buying experience, turning dreams of home ownership into reality.