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Helpful hints

Purchasing or refinancing a home is a big decision... 01:59

Interest Rates

As you purchase or refinance a home, it’s understandable... 01:41

Closing process

Whether you’re purchasing or refinancing a home... 01:44

Credit Score

Various elements determine one’s credit score... 01:56

Breaking down your credit score

Don't forget about these costs

Don't be caught off-guard by the costs... 01:36

Closing costs of buying a home

Net Monthly income

Determining your net monthly income goes... 01:16

Loan Types

What type of loan is best for you? There are a lot of options... 01:48

Appraisal Impact

Home appraisals can be confusing... 01:48

The home appraisal process

The perfect loan applicant

What you need to be a perfect loan applicant