iLENDi is a social network for homebuyers starting with a better borrowing experience. Through technology and social commerce, we match up buyers with lenders in one of the most important financial transactions of their lives: buying a home. We bring convenience, service and transparency to the mortgage model - with the goal of faster closings and happier customers. Buying a home is thrilling! We want to make mortgage financing fun, not fraught!
iLENDi connects homebuyers with lenders for a better borrowing and home buying experience. We are not a mortgage company or a comparison site. We are a conduit however to loan officers who are ready to transact on your terms and timetable. We know mortgage can be fraught, not fun. Paperwork heavy. Slow. Confusing. Nerve racking. We aim to change that.

1. We connect you with lenders based on your unique financial situation. Our lenders are rated & reviewed by real clients so you can be assured what you see is what you get.
2. We pre-qualify homebuyers out of the gate, so they know where they stand from a borrowing perspective.
3. Our digital platform allows for instant messaging between buyer and lender, secure upload and file sharing of documents, and a personalized dashboard that keeps buyers on top of the transaction, from start to close.
4. Beyond the home loan, iLENDi is a social network for homebuyers; a go-to resource for all things homeownership from inspectors to insurance to little known neighborhood gems. We are the first and last stop for people looking for information and solutions pertaining to home owning.
We match buyers and lenders based on specific inputs you provide us: location, financials, loan type, timing and other key words buyers deem important.
Yes, for buyers it is completely free.
Because we aren't lenders, we have no skin in the game. We are merely a conduit to lenders from across all 50 states who are leveraging our site for access to real buyers, like you. We provide the digital tools and support lenders need to transact so they can stay focused on servicing your loan and closing on time. Some of these tools, like instant messaging, a secure, cloud-based server farm, and a personalized dashboard, support buyers too. With a direct line to your loan officer when questions arise, the ability to upload and share documents when schedules permit, and real time insights into your loan progress, you can identify the holdups and crack the whip if needed. Or send a message :) to your team.
Our social community is tapped in and available to answer questions and offer referrals and recommendations for product and service providers to assist with whatever needs you may have.
We operate in all 50 states and don't have financing caps. Some companies are offering some of what we do, but not all, thoughtfully, in one digital marketplace.
Individual mortgage companies sell one set of products, period. Some have financing caps. Others don't operate in all 50 states. And others, still, are still stuck in the old school way of doing business which you may find tedious. But, many offer great products. Still, wouldn't you rather have a choice, and see them all side by side so you can evaluate in the moment.
We invite ALL lenders and loan officers, from all companies and banks, to co-exist on our site, so buyers can see the products and services they offer, their ratings & reviews, and decide what works best for them.
Our goal is 100% transparency, a convenient transaction, exceptional customer service and education that builds trust and a community of empowered homeowners.
While we are a conduit to loan officers, and make transacting more convenient, we aren't in any way involved in your mortgage financing transaction aside from making the introduction to providers who can service your loan. We are, in the simplest of terms, mortgage matchmakers.
We match buyers and lenders based on specific inputs you share: location, financials, loan type, timing and other key words buyers deem important. Our Info Hub features informative articles and videos to answer additional questions you may have along the way. And our concierge, Lucy, is available 24/7 to point you in the right direction.
The best way to think of iLENDi is as a dessert tray offering a selection of profiteroles, chocolate mousse, key lime pie, flourless chocolate torte and fruit sorbet. They're all good. But only one will satisfy your sweet tooth and dietary needs.
Yes. And you can request them to contact you in your profile.
The loans offered by the loan officers on iLENDI.com include: VA, FHA, Conventional, USDA, Jumbo and many others. You will be able to see the range of loan types in the drop-down menu in the Qualify Me. And if you don't see what you're looking for, just ask Lucy – click on the avatar in the bottom right of your screen - the and she'll guide you in the right direction.
Both help you better understand what you can really afford.
Pre-qualification is a quicker exercise. It's the first step in the mortgage process. We just ask you a few simple questions to give you an idea of the size of the mortgage for which you qualify and your options. At iLENDi, you can input this information in 9 short questions when you choose Qualify Me at the top of every page. It doesn't cost anything, nor does it require your credit report. It's a jump off point for a discussion with your loan officer to review your options.
Pre-approval, on the other hand, is a more involved process, requiring a mortgage application and associated fee. Your loan officer will conduct a background check based on the specific financial information you supply, along with your credit report. You can be pre-approved for a mortgage amount without having a specific property in mind; this will give you a better idea of the interest rate you will be charged, and potentially, the ability to lock it in. Pre-approval comes with a conditional commitment, in writing, for the exact loan amount, which may help in your dealings with a potential seller, showing them you're serious and can move quickly to close. This comes in handy when there are multiple offers on the same home.
Once you give the virtual assistant your info, loan officers meeting your specific financial criteria will be notified and review your application. They will contact you by email or phone for any additional information they need, or to schedule time to speak with you live.
In the event that a loan officer is unable to pre-qualify you we jump in to assist you in understanding why not. For example, it could be due to outstanding debt or no credit history at all. Whatever the reason, we will help you find a solution. It costs nothing to learn if you prequalify and goes a long toward understanding what you can afford, and at what interest rate, so it behooves you to prequalify when house hunting begins.
Ratings & reviews are intended to provide unbiased insights and many times, helpful hint and tips from other clients who have worked with individual loan officers, to provide buyers with an expectation and peace of mind that that the loan officer they choose is the right fit for their financial goals and lifestyle.
Buyers can click on the "Write Review" button on individual loan officers' pages and review them on the spot at any time during their transaction. We also send out emails asking for feedback and aggregate loan officer reviews from across the web - so they come with a broader history.
That's it! Fact-finding is what we want you to do at iLENDi. We want to be your go-to resource for all things homeownership. Learn as much as you can about home buying in our Knowledge Center , what you qualify for and search our loan officers by zip code. The more you know, the more likely you are to land the best rate, and the right house.
After activating your account and submitting your details you will hear from us immediately. A loan officer will be in touch within 24 hours if you have submitted a pre-qualification, in most cases the same day, with some options and results of your pre-qualification.
Yes! If closing in 30 days is your primary goal, we will match you with lenders who have a track record for expedited closings. We supply everything from tools to support that buyers and lenders need to transact swiftly, securely and with peace of mind that their deal is moving. From instant messaging to a cloud-based document storage to a personalized dashboard, our tools help speed communication, create efficiency and foster transparency that puts buyers in control every step of the way.
The traditional mortgage model is a dinosaur. It's dogged by stigma and a halo of mistrust leftover from the financial crisis. The process can be onerous, confusing, frustrating, slow. There's nothing fun about it. iLENDi changes all that. We are bringing convenience, service, transparency and the first ever social network to the mortgage industry.
We make money in 3 ways:
1. Loan officers / lenders pay iLENDi a monthly subscription fee to be on our site. This pays for the marketing and administrative support they receive from us, so they can better focus on servicing buyers.
2. For every buyer we match with a lender, iLENDi is paid a referral fee.
3. Advertising