What’s the cost of living in St. Louis, MO?

St Louis Cardinals rock

St. Louis’ low cost of living is a major draw, with the median home sale price far below the national median. That said, the average income in St. Louis is also slightly lower than the national average. St. Louis’ housing market is atypical in that many homes in the city are lower in value compared to homes in the surrounding neighborhoods. This is because, on average, many residents living in the city proper have lower incomes than those who live in more suburban areas.

What’s the best way to get around St. Louis, MO?

St. Louis is predominantly a driving town. Though traffic congestion is relatively modest compared to other metro areas, St. Louisans still have to contend with sluggish rush-hour traffic. At midday, however, it does not take much time to drive from one end of the immediate downtown area to the other.

A smaller portion of the population relies on Metro Transit, which operates buses and a light rail system throughout St. Louis. Meanwhile, getting around by bike has been made easier with the designation of biking lanes on many of the roadways throughout the area.

Located at the heart of the country, St. Louis is made accessible by the St. Louis Lambert International Airport, not to mention Amtrak and inter-city bus services.

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