St. Louis Boasts an Impressive School System

After moving to St. Louis, you’ll quickly get used to being asked, “Where did you go to high school?” And you’ll soon understand why. St. Louis residents take pride in their alma mater, and by identifying yourself by your high school, you’ll be able to spot mutual acquaintances and commonalities.

There are more than 75 schools in the St. Louis Public Schools district, which educate more than 23,000 students each year. With a number of fantastic schools of all types in the area, choosing one that’s right for you can be quite daunting. Start by establishing your priorities, finding the right area and then choose from conventional, magnet, charter or private schools.

St. Louis is also home to Saint Louis University, the oldest university west of the Mississippi, and Washington University School of Medicine ranks among the best medical schools in the country.

There Are Endless (Free) Things To Do In St. Louis

If you’re looking for adventure in your new city but also trying to stay budget-conscious, you’re in luck. St. Louis has more free major tourist attractions than any other city in the country! Whether you’re hitting the town with your entire family or headed out on a solo shopping trip, St. Louis has something to fit your every mood.

Here are just a few attractions to add to your must-see list:

  • Saint Louis Zoo. Recognized as one of the nation’s leading zoological parks, the Saint Louis Zoo has every creature you can imagine. Hop on the Emerson Zooline Railroad for a guided tour or check out the petting zoo and interactive stingray pool for an entire day of family fun.
  • St. Louis Art Museum. From classic to contemporary, St. Louis certainly has an appreciation for arts of all kinds. Stop in the St. Louis Art Museum to check out sculptures, oil paintings and photography from centuries ago or visit the Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis to enjoy the works of newly established artists.
  • Forest Park. Spanning almost 1,400 acres (500 acres larger than New York’s Central Park), Forest Park is one of the largest urban parks in the United States. Offering biking trails, scenic walks, tennis, golf, and a beautiful greenhouse, the park attracts more than 12 million visitors per year.
  • The St. Louis Science Center. Seeing as many as one million visitors per year, the St. Louis Science Center offers live demonstrations, planetarium shows, and over 700 interactive exhibits. And here’s the best part: admission is always free.
  • Gateway Arch. Perhaps the most famous attraction in the city of St. Louis, the Gateway Arch offers stunning views from every angle. At 630 feet, the structure is more than twice as tall as the Statue of Liberty. On a clear day from the very top, visitors can see almost 30 miles in each direction. Fun fact: if you feel like you’re almost moving, have no fear — since the structure was built to withstand earthquakes, it’s designed to “sway” over a foot in each direction.
  • Missouri Botanical Garden. This historic landmark is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the U.S. The garden features 79 acres of horticultural display from around the world and hosts many annual cultural festivals throughout the year.
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