It’s Fall and Halloween is here!

Happy Halloween - by Angie Childs!

Here’s to cooler days, longer nights, lower electric bills, and time spent by the fire. Wishing you an autumn that’s as bright and beautiful as the season.

If you want a list of fun things to do in the Lou in the fall, or if you want a “honey do” list for fall maintenance…just let me know!

Happy Halloween!

And…as always I truly appreciate your referrals!!

Angie Childs

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Angelia Childs

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10 months ago

It’s fall ya’all!! Pumpkin spice latte’s are baaaaack! 🙂
My power coffee recipe for fall:
1 fall blend coffee
1 t MCT oil
1t glee butter
1 t pure organic pumpkin
local honey
dash cinnamon
purevanilla extract
brew it up*throw in your Ninja blender

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