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iLENDi is a social network for homebuyers starting with a better borrowing experience. Find everything you need to buy or refinance your home all in one place, online.

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A better borrowing and home buying experience


We offer 24/7 online access so you can start the process when it’s convenient for you. In about six questions, find out exactly how much you qualify for, or scan loan officer profiles based on key word inputs that matter to you. Within your documents, you can share all pertinent information, for all involved parties to review and share. Everything you need to close quickly, all in one place.

At Your Service

We are humans first, but we appreciate the perks of technology. And iLENDi has a lot of it. For starters, you may have questions you’d like answered, like now, so we offer online chat between buyer and lender for real-time communication. Our lovely AI concierge, Lucy, is available 24/7 to help guide you when the humans are unavailable.

Peace of Mind

Trust is everything between buyer and lender. Our lenders come with reviews & ratings by real customers based on real experiences, so you can determine who you match with best for your unique financial circumstance. A personalized dashboard (MyiLENDi) charts your loan progress from start to closing, so you can identify the hiccups and address them swiftly.

iLENDi Community

iLENDi is a social network first, where buyers come to match up with loan officers for a better borrowing experience. Our community is a terrific resource for everything from home inspections to repairs to the best school districts and little known neighborhood gems. Chances are you'll find your go-to’s here. And hopefully share some of your own finds and learnings, too.

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